Why a Torre Rifle:

There are many good gunsmiths that build good custom rifles, from other manufactured production rifles. The work entails many hours of reworking  receivers, bolts, firing pins, shrouds, stocks and on and on. I have done this myself, in the past and making a living from it. I still have request from customers that ask will you "blue print my action?"

​This is not to say that the factories build substandard fire arms, it is to the contrary. The gun manufacturers today, because of technology, turnout high quality firearms and at a price that are within reach of the average shooter or hunter.

​Today, more than ever, there are a group of hunters and shooters that want the absolute best they can get from their rifle. They also want personal touches that can't be had from the factory on the production rifle. So, hence the custom gunsmith.

​At Torre Rifle Co. we manufacture our own action and stocks (carbon core stocks). The manufacturing process are designed to make it easy to control tolerance of mechanical parts (make it right the first time).

​Our stock manufacturing process create a gun stock second to none. We have a proprietary stock making process. No one is allowed in the stock shop. There is no need to have a Torre Rifle reworked or blueprinted.

​We simply take the order from our customer, include any options and build it. This is more cost effective than buying a production rifle and then rebuilding it.