What is the Model 1

The Model 1 Rifle comes with:

* Integral scope bases and levers.

* It uses the original whitetail detachable scope mount.

* It features an interchangeable barrel system; with no    special tools needed.

* It comes with a detachable box magazine. 

* It is available in right or left hand.

* Custom length of pull

* Carbon core stock finished in Camo, Graphite or Paint.

* Calibers include but not limited to:

.243-.260, 7mm/08, .308 .338 federal, 6.5x .284, .270 wsm, .325,wsm .338 rcm

The Model 1 Smokeless Powder Muzzle Loader:

This is a .45 caliber that uses a sealed breech plug that accepts a modified .30/06 or .270 brass cartridge for ignition.

The bullets are placed down the bore of the rifle without the use of sabots, metal to metal. This is accomplished by sizing the 275 GR Parker bullet to the individual barrel.

Velocities from a 24" barrel and H4198 powder exceed 2700 FPS. This gives good and sufficient energy all the way out to 350- to maybe 400 yards.