February 1, 2016

​"I live in Vermont and hunted in Montana in 2015 for deer and elk. The gun that I hunted with was a Torre 300 short mag. The gun shot like a dream, light weight, easy to carry and use. I shot the cow elk at 303 yards with one shot. I also shot my biggest mule deer ever, a 4x4 26" wide at 275 yards uphill. During the last day of the hunt, I shot a 5x5 bull elk with the wind blowing 30 mph at 397 yards. It was the most accurate gun I ever used. I highly recommend this gun as I've been hunting for over 40 years with all types of firearms and this is by far the best gun for long distance accuracy.

​-Paul Racince

​Georgia, Vermont


"I bought a new Torre rifle in 270 short mag and I love the gun. It is very light and the carbon fiber stock is very strong. I shot the gun on the shooting bench. The first time I shot a 3/4 of an inch group at a 100 yards. I cannot do that with my other guns. I shot a nice 10 point buck this year with one shot at 105 yards and he dropped in his tracks.

​ I am looking for the new Torre Muzzle loader barrel to put on the same action gun.

​If you have any questions about the gun call me."

Beaver Dragon

Milton, Vermont



"I was hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada on November 25, 2015. This deer was shot at about 150 yards. Estimated weight was 250lbs.

He was a big heavy horned 14 point mule deer. I saw him on the first day of the hunt but he was able to give us the slip. I saw him again on the second day and  again; I was not able to get a shot at him. Finally, late on the 3rd day, we spotted him again and we were able to stalk in within 150 yards and made a quick clean shot.

The gun performed as advertised. Very light and accurate."

George A Vinal