After completing a 3 1/2 year program, studying shop theory and machine tool process, I worked in the IBM model shop as a tool and model maker for 5 years. I left in 1990 to turn my hobby as a Gunsmith, into a full time business.

​I had designed a detachable scope mount and was having success with it. I also did custom gun work. After a couple of years, I realized that being a Gunsmith during the months of October and November put a damper on my own hunting. I began taking in commercial work and hired my first employee. As commercial work grew, gun work got less and less, until I eventually phased out of it all together. By now, I had three employees and out grown my building. I moved into a 3,000 sqft building and then onto 6,000 sqft and eventually I was in a 20,000 sqft building with 22 employees. ​Whitetail Manufacturing was an AS9100 company, servicing the aero space, medical and mechanical industries. We furnished precision machined parts to specification.

​In 2012 I sold my company and semi retired. I had an idea for a versatile hunting rifle and after a year and a half, I came out of retirement. I set up a new shop, at my farm and began development. In the meantime, my son and I operated a 12,000 tap maple sugaring operation. That first winter of designing the gun, my son asked me what my plans were for this new rifle. I told him I planned to develop it, and get it to work reliably.

​A couple weeks later, my son came into the shop and inquired on how the project was going. I explained where I was with it and nothing more was said...

​Towards the end of the winter he and I were boiling one night and he told me that he was interested in building and manufacturing custom rifles. I told him he would have to learn some things but that I would take the time to teach him if he was willing to put the time in to learn. The rest is history!

​He has been in the trade about 2 years with me and has helped me develop the Model 1. Torre Rifle Co. was born and at the first show we took orders for 16 rifles. They have now been thru one hunting season with favorable feedback from their owners.

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